The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) will celebrate its 13th Annual Quality Assurance in Higher Education Week from March 5-9, 2018. The theme for the week is, “Enhancing and Sustaining Quality in Institutions.”

Mrs Althea Heron, Executive Director, the UCJ, explained that, “Quality Assurance in Higher Education Week, is an opportunity for the UCJ to inform and educate our stakeholders about quality assurance issues in higher education.” She added: “A key emphasis will be on practical and relevant workshops, that will assist in the development of higher education  institutions by providing meaningful training to promote quality enhancement.”

The week will commence with a Workshop for Institutions that will be held under the theme,  “Quality in the Self-Study: Programme Accreditation” at the Knutsford Court Hotel on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. During this workshop, the UCJ will present certificates of Registration and Accreditation to recently registered institutions and those with programmes that have been accredited or re-accredited since November 2017.

On Thursday, March 8, 2018,  the UCJ will host another Workshop for Institutions that will focus on “Quality in the Self-Study: Institutional Accreditation” at the Knutsford Court Hotel on Thursday, March 6, 2018.

 Both workshops have been designed for Presidents/Principals/Heads of Institutions, Board Representatives, Chief Academic Officers, Deans, Senior Faculty Members, Registrars and Quality Assurance Officers at local and international higher education institutions.

The UCJ will publish newspaper supplements in the Gleaner (Monday, March 5) and Observer (Wednesday, March 7).  The publications are geared towards informing and educating students, parents, employers and, the public, in general, about its role as the National External Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in Jamaica.