The UCJ functions as the national information centre for local, regional, and international higher education institutions and qualifications.  The UCJ is the single competent authority in Jamaica for the recognition of foreign qualifications.

The UCJ offers credential assessment services for persons with local and foreign qualifications from high school to university level, from countries around the world, in order to determine whether such qualifications satisfy the requirements for further study and or employment opportunities.  The UCJ determines whether a qualification was obtained from an institution that is recognised by a competent authority in the country that the qualification was earned.

The UCJ offers the following credential assessment services:

  • Assessment of academic credentials for the purpose of employment or further study in Jamaica
  • Statements on the status of local and foreign institutions
  • Equivalence of credentials to support application for the CARICOM Skills Certificate
  • Comparability of foreign qualifications to accredited programmes offered in Jamaica
  • Provision of information concerning institutions and programmes (locally, regionally, and internationally

A credential assessment report prepared by the UCJ is accepted by employers and educational institutions in order to understand and recognise local or foreign academic credentials.  Reports are generally prepared within 10 working days.

Distance/Online programmes

Overseas institutions that are delivering online programmes (100 per cent online) are required to have the programme assessed by the UCJ against local standards for recognition in Jamaica.

The processing of applications for recognition of qualifications obtained via distance learning/online is being done on a case by case basis, where the programme has not been granted recognition status in Jamaica.

To learn more about the recognition of transnational qualifications, you may download the Guidelines for Recognition of Transnational Education Qualifications

To learn more about the recognition of foreign qualifications you may download the document Recognition of Foreign Qualifications