A diploma mill (or degree mill) is a dubious provider of education that offers certificates, diplomas, and degrees that are considered bogus and/or of questionable quality.  Diplomas or degrees offered by “mills” do not meet the standards required for such qualifications.  In many cases degrees can be bought for a stated sum of money, without attendance at classes.

Some questions that will help persons make a determination as to whether a degree provider is a “mill” are:

  • Is there a claim of accreditation when there is no evidence of this status?
  • Is there a claim of accreditation from a questionable accrediting organisation?
  • Does the entity have the authority to operate?
  • Is a very short period of time required to earn a degree?
  • Are degrees based mainly on experience and resume review?
  • Does the entity have a name similar to another well-known, legitimate college or university (e.g. Oxford International University)?
  • Does the operation make claims in its publications, for which there is no evidence?
  • Are fees relatively low, and seemingly unrelated to the true cost of providing legitimate education?

 If in doubt about the legitimacy of an institution, check with the University Council of Jamaica.