The University Council of Jamaica functions essentially as an accrediting, awards and academic development body for degree, diploma and certificate programmes proposed and developed at approved higher education institutions. Its main functions are:

  1. To register institutions offering higher education to ensure that certain minimum standards are met.
  1. To provide accreditation for degree and specialised programmes, as well as for institutions.
  1. To grant and confer Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and other academic awards and distinctions to and on persons who have pursued programmes of study approved by the Council at associated higher education institutions.
  1. To develop, on an on-going basis, threshold standards for different levels of qualifications in various disciplines, at the higher education level.
  1. To research issues pertaining to quality assurance in higher education with a view to maintaining and improving educational outcomes.
  1. To assist in the development of higher education institutions by providing professional advice and services for the development and improvement of programmes.
  1. To assure the quality of foreign credentials.
  1. To facilitate the recognition of cross-border higher education programmes, and those of awarding bodies being offered in Jamaica.
  1. To provide appropriate public information about the institutions, programmes and awarding bodies registered, accredited and recognised by the Council.
  1. To monitor and evaluate higher education programmes and institutions on an on-going basis to facilitate continuous improvement.
  1. To facilitate the free movement of skills and knowledge within the Caribbean Community.