The UCJ launched the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in May 2016. Formerly the Tertiary Articulation Committee, the TAC was revived to drive the ongoing development of the technical aspects of quality assurance in higher education. The TAC builds on the role of the Tertiary Articulation Committee and has been established to provide oversight and advice to the UCJ, with regard to quality assurance in higher education issues.


The Technical Advisory Committee’s functions include:

  • Conducting a full review of the Tertiary Qualifications Framework (TQF) every three years
  • Providing advice on areas for the development and enhancement of the TQF on an ongoing basis
  • Monitoring emerging developments surrounding both entry requirements and types of higher education qualifications
  • Recommending a  classification  system  for  various  types  of  institutions  and  organisations within the higher education sector in Jamaica


The Committee comprises:

  • The Chair (Ex Officio Member)
  • The Executive Director, the UCJ
  • The Director of Accreditation, the UCJ
  • Representatives from public higher education institutions in Jamaica
  • Representatives from private higher education institutions and organisations in Jamaica
  • Representative from Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (J-TEC)
  • Representative from NCTVET
  • Representative from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information
  • Representatives from  regional  and  international  external  quality  assurance agencies