Transnational Education (TNE) – refers to all types of higher education study programmes or educational services (including distance education) in which the learners are located in a country different from the one where the awarding institution is based. The student does not move to study in other countries, they study in their home country, but the credentials are awarded in the name of the foreign institution (Andrejs Rauhvargers, 2000).


Overseas institutions delivering Transnational Education (TNE) programmes in Jamaica are required to have them assessed by the UCJ against local standards for recognition. The UCJ’s mandate as an external quality assurance agency means that it must develop, communicate, and use a set of standards for TNE to ensure that quality is preserved and also that programmes offered via this mode are viewed as comparable to those in institutions where instruction is offered face-to-face. The UCJ holds TNE programmes to the same high standards as those delivered by national institutions.

To learn more about the Recognition of Transnational Qualifications, you may download the Guidelines for Recognition of Transnational Education Qualifications Dec. 2015.


How to apply:

If you are an institution interested in having your programme recognised by the UCJ, please note that the guidelines should be read in conjunction with the UCJ’s Standards for Distance Education (available to overseas institutions on request via: prior to completing the application form below.

Application Form-Recognition of Transnational Education Qualifications -Dec. 2015


The processing of applications for recognition of qualifications obtained via distance learning/online is being done on a case by case basis, where the programme has not been granted recognition status in Jamaica.

How to apply:

To apply for assessment of academic credentials, you may download the procedures and application form below: