Recognition is defined by the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC) as a formal acknowledgement by a competent authority of the value of a foreign educational qualification with a view to providing access to educational and/or employment activities.

Recognition of Transnational Education (TNE) qualifications refers to a statement of acceptance or endorsement of qualifications awarded through transnational agreements or via distance education.

Recognition vs Accreditation

Both recognition and accreditation are concerned with quality assurance. In Accreditation, the institutions offering the programmes are located in Jamaica and so the UCJ is able to scrutinise all aspects of the programmes; their design, delivery and assessment. In the case of Recognition, although the certificates, diplomas and degrees are offered to Jamaican participants, there is no physical institutional presence or entity in Jamaica that can be accredited.

In Recognition, the assessment is ex post facto, in that the programme has already been offered, the certificate, diploma or degree granted and what is assessed is its value vis a vis comparable accredited diploma or degree programmes. This is done through an examination of the extent to which criteria and standards, established by the UCJ for this purpose, have been met.