The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) plays an integral role in the development of the education sector through the formulation and regulation of systems and guidelines that ensure international standards are upheld by tertiary Institutions. The UCJ is the standard bearer for quality assurance in tertiary education in Jamaica.

Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This is true and as Jamaicans we must embrace and accept education as the core of Jamaica’s mission for social change and development.

As my administration strategically implements strategies to create avenues to double the enrolment of tertiary students, Jamaicans should be able to maximise their potential and compete effectively in the global economy. I implore the Council to remain steadfast in its mission of
upholding the standard and guidelines for quality tertiary level education in Jamaica.

The UCJ’s membership with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA); Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education (CANQATE); and the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) has strengthened its ability to increase the availability of tertiary-level training on the island. These partnerships ensure excellence, transparency,
integrity and adherence to standards.

As you commemorate this significant milestone under the theme “30 Years of Enabling National Development Through Quality Assurance”, I congratulate you on paving the way for the advancement of the country’s education sector and facilitating a better way of life for Jamaicans through the finest quality of education.

As you continue to ensure the tertiary institutions provide gold standard services, I wish you every success in your future endeavours as we partner to make education the centre of socio-economic growth.

Happy 30th Anniversary.