As the UCJ celebrates “30 years of Enabling National Development through Quality Assurance,” the Agency will continue to use its efforts and resources to facilitate and oversee the development and maintenance of a robust higher education quality assurance system. All this will
be achieved while recognising the diversity of institutions and the need for ongoing innovation and creativity in the development of higher education programmes.

It is the Council’s expectation that the higher education landscape in Jamaica will continue to change as more institutions strengthen their Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) system and seek Institutional Accreditation. In addition, greater use of technology in programme delivery,
the movement of people, increased competition to attract students between institutions and across borders, and prospective students exploring more cost-effective and creative ways of achieving certification will all play a part in this dynamic environment.

As the UCJ moves forward, capacity and operational efficiency will be strengthened to face the new challenges – known and unknown. Customers and stakeholders will also benefit from the UCJ’s plans to streamline and automate critical management and operational processes.

The UCJ will continue to challenge institutions to develop a sustainable culture of quality, which in turn will result in the improvement of student learning outcomes and the marketability of our graduates.

The UCJ’s journey as the National External Quality Assurance Agency for higher education in Jamaica is a story of dedication and  commitment by both present and former Council members, Staff, Assessors and Institutions, who have been instrumental in supporting
the UCJ to be an exemplar in the field of external quality assurance.


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