Boston College in 2010, identified the arena of higher education as a plethora of diversity among institutions, students, resource and professors. No doubt this diversity prompted the response for a quality framework which, as a mechanism for quality control, would  determine the technical inputs and outputs necessary for quality performance. Quality control mechanisms in the field of education must include systematic activities for quality performance as well as evaluation towards corrective measures.

The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) has embraced the parameters of such control mechanisms in the design of a national quality assurance programme that has resulted in high quality performance as the seal for established standards in a tertiary education environment where there is diversity in approaches to education.

The JCTE commends the UCJ’s established quality assurance standards, which continue to review the methods for quality from the perspectives of effectiveness and efficiency as well as qualitative change in the tertiary landscape. This milestone achievement evidenced in the design of threshold standards for quality assurance, was a creditable occurrence in the field of education in Jamaica in 1987.

Today the UCJ is recognised as Jamaica’s national accrediting agency for tertiary education. The JCTE for which I am chairman, is honoured to identify with this outstanding institution in which it was formed by the UCJ’s first Executive Director, Dr Ethley London, who is an outstanding local and international educator and luminary of Quality Assurance.

As the output of this accrediting agency, which is recognised for its focus on upholding the quality of education in the tertiary landscape, the JCTE is always cognisant of its position and was pleased to launch the ‘Dr Ethley London, OD, Lecture & Professional Development Day for Educators’ in 2016, with the first lecture at the Northern Caribbean University on February 24, 2016. The overwhelming response from educators resulted in two such lectures in 2017.

The JCTE holds a great debt of gratitude to Dr Ethley London, founding Executive Director of the UCJ, for the formation of the JCTE under section 6.1 of the Ministry of Education Youth and Information Act, creating a forum of bringing together both public and private tertiary institutions to share best practices and enter into dialogue that serve to benefit all stakeholders.

The JCTE congratulates all past leaders and employees of this great institution and wishes for the current leaders and TEAM members continued success as you build on the legacy of the past.

On behalf of the Executives and members of the JCTE, it is our pleasure to extend heartfelt congratulations in wishing a successful period of celebration to this credible authority on quality tertiary education – the University Council of Jamaica.