The UCJ aims to be a Centre of Excellence for quality assurance in tertiary education. In pursuit of this vision, the UCJ is seeking to improve our service delivery to our clients. Please complete the survey below to express your views on the usability of the UCJ's website. Your responses are confidential.

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1. How did you hear about the website?

2. Please indicate your reason for visiting the site.

3. How often do you visit the website?

4(a). Was the information provided on the website clear?

(b) If unclear, please explain

5(a). How useful was the information provided on UCJ's website?

(b). If not, please share with us your suggestions for improving the site

6(a). Was the information provided on the website satisfactory?

(b). If not, please indicate additional topics that the website needs to cover

7(a). Were the links on the website directed to the appropriate information?

(b). If no, please provide the links below:

8. How long did it take you to find the information you required on UCJ's website?

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