A registered institution seeking institutional accreditation must undergo the following process:

  1. The Institution submits an expression of interest in a Letter of Intent;
  2. Submission of evidence of meeting eligibility criteria is documented in a portfolio. If the eligibility evidence is deemed satisfactory, the institution is granted Candidacy for Institutional Accreditation;
  3. The institution prepares and submits the Institutional Self Study (ISS);
  4. The Application and Institutional Self-Study submission is reviewed for completeness; the evaluation team is selected and trained for the accreditation visit.
  5. A site visit is conducted with interviews of the stakeholders of the institution and review of its facilities and resources;
  6. Institutional Accreditation report is prepared by members of the evaluation team and sent to the institution;
  7. The institution submits a formal response to the UCJ;
  8. The Institutional Accreditation Report and the Institution’s response is reviewed by the UCJ Council which leads to an  Accreditation Decision;
  9. An Institution granted Institutional Accreditation must submit annual status reports and participate in a mid-cycle review during the period of accreditation;
  10. The Institution submits an application to renew accreditation after which a full re-evaluation of the institution undertaken.