Programmatic/Programme accreditation

There are several criteria/standards against which programmes are evaluated.

These include:

  • The mission and governance structure of the institution;
  • The quality of the programme, including: aims and philosophy; structure and content; and programme management;
  • The quality of students admitted;
  • The quality of staff who deliver instruction;
  • Methods used to assess student learning;
  • The adequacy of resources to support programmes; and
  • The student support services.

Institutional Accreditation

There are several criteria/standards against which institutions are evaluated.

These include:

  • Mission and goals;
  • Planning and evaluation;
  • Governance and management;
  • Teaching and learning;
  • Faculty;
  • Students and student support services;
  • Library and information resources;
  • Physical and technological resources;
  • Financial resources; and
  • Integrity