1. The institution must be recognised/ accredited in its country by the competent authority (i.e. External Quality Assurance Agency) of the university.
  2. The programme of study must be accredited/ recognised by the competent authority in the country of the university.
  3. Conduct thorough research regarding:
    • The quality of education
    • Market reputation
    • Professional acceptability of qualification
    • The coverage of curriculum
    • Type and adequacy of student support
    • Admission requirements
  4. Ensure that the number of credits assigned to the programme are aligned to the minimum standards for the different levels, as outlined by the UCJ:
    • Associate = 60 credits (minimum 2 years of study)
    • Bachelors = 120 credits (minimum 4 years of study)
    • Masters = 30 credits (minimum 1 year full-time)
    • Postgraduate diploma = 30 credits (normally 1 year)
    • Doctoral – (minimum 3 years)

See additional information “Choosing programmes offered by overseas institutions” under the section “Credential Assessment” on our website.