Rev. Dr. Roderick Hewitt

Prof Roderick R. Hewitt is a graduate of the United Theological College and The University of the West Indies (BA (Hons), Kings College University of London (MPhil & PhD). He currently serves as President of the International University of the Caribbean in Kingston, Jamaica. He has also served as the Academic Leader for Theology and Ethics and also for Research and Higher Degrees in the School of Religion Philosophy and Classics, University of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa and was a visiting Fellow at New College, University of Edinburgh (2018/2019). He is Professor in Systematic Theology and lectures in African Theologies in the Diaspora, Ecumenical Theology and Missiology.

In addition to his many peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters, he wrote in 2012 his seminal text, Church and Culture: An Anglo-Caribbean Experience of Hybridity and Contradiction. Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications. In addition he has co-authored the following publications: 2012, Postcolonial Mission, Power and Partnership in World Christianity, Edited by Desmond van der Water, Isabel Phiri, Namsoon Kang, Roderick Hewitt and Sarojini Nadar; The acclaimed 2016 Ecumenical Missiology, Changing Landscapes and new Conception of Mission, Edited by Kenneth R. Ross, Jooseop Keum, Kyriaki Avtzi and Roderick Hewitt, Regnum Book; In 2018, Hewitt, R.R., Kaunda J. C., (Eds). Who is an African? Engagement with Issues of Race, Afro-Ancestry, Identity and Destiny Post-Apartheid South Africa, Lexington Books/ Fortress Academic; 2018, Roderick Hewitt & Lilian Siwila (Eds). Liturgy and Identity (African Religio-Cultural and Ecumenical Perspectives), Cluster Publications, Pietermaritzburg; and 2019. Hewitt, Roderick with Kaunda J. C., Missional Preaching in Context, Cluster Publications: Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications.