By way of a Government mandate (Cabinet Decision January 2011) the
accreditation functions of the NCTVET will be transferred to the UCJ, the National
External Quality Assurance Agency.  This decision has implications for all the
Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs).  The first of which is the need for
continued registration of these entities.  The UCJ has accepted that the
ATOs, are government entities, and over a period of time have been quality
assured by the NCTVET.  This means that these ATOs are registered
institutions with the Government of Jamaica.

The second implication is the need to provide a mechanism to transfer the
accreditation functions of the NCTVET to the UCJ.  It is therefore also accepted that
the NCTVET accreditation status of programmes offered by the ATOs at Level 3 is
valid for the period stated by the NCTVET when the accreditation was
granted.  However, it must be noted that once the NCTVET accreditation of
these Level 3 and above programmes expire, the ATOs are required to apply to
the UCJ for accreditation of their programmes.


  1. Beechamville Vocational Training Centre
    Claremont P.O.
    St Ann
  2. Black River – SW TVET Institute
    30 West Street
    Black River
    St Elizabeth
  3. Boys Town Vocational Training Centre
    6 Collie Smith Drive
    Kingston 12
  4. Buff Bay Vocational Training Centre
    2 Lynch Avenue
    Buff Bay P.O.
  5. Caribbean Military Technical Training Institute
    1 Up Park Camp
    Kingston 5
  6. Cornwall Automotive Institute – N/W TVET Institute
    St James
  7. Culloden Vocational Training Centre
    Whitehouse P.O.
  8. Derrick Rochester – SW TVET Institute
    Junction P.O.
    St Elizabeth
  9. Ebony Park HEART Academy
    Ebony Park
    Toll Gate P.O.
  10. Falmouth N/W TVET Institute
    17 Thorpe Street
  11. Garmex HEART Academy
    76 Marcus Garvey Drive
    Kingston 13
  12. Gomex Institute of Technology
    17 Parkington Plaza
    Kingston 10
  13. Granville N/W TVET Institute
    St James
  14. HEART College of Beauty Services
    10 Hope Road
    Kingston 10
  15. HEART College of Construction Services
    1 Northern Parade
    St Catherine
  16. HEART College of Hospitality Services
    8 Ricketts Drive
    Cardiff Hall
    Runaway Bay P.O.
    St Ann
  17. HEART College of Innovation & Technology
    1 Ramparts Close
    Montego Bay
    St James
  18. JAGAS Jamaican-German Automotive School
    87A Maxfield Avenue
    Kingston 13
  19. Kenilworth N/W TVET Institute
    Kenilworth Campus
    Sandy Bay
  20. Lluidas Vale Vocational Training Centre
    Lluidas Vale P.O.
    St Catherine
  21. National Tool & Engineering Institute
    7 Ashenheim Road
    Kingston 11
  22. Newport – SW TVET Institute
    Mandeville P.O.
  23. Old Harbour Vocational Training Centre
    P.O. Box 88, Poinciana Close
    Marley Acres, Old Harbour
    St Catherine
  24. Operation Friendship Skills Training Centre
    2c East Bell Road
    Kingston 11
  25. Petersfield Vocational Training Centre
    Shrewsbury Road
    Petersfield P.O.
  26. Port Maria Vocational Training Centre
    St Mary Street
    Port Maria P.O.
    St Mary
  27. Rockfort Vocational Training Centre
    203 Windward Road
    Kingston 2
  28. Seaford Town Vocational Training Centre
    Lambs River P.O.
  29. Shipping Association of Jamaica
    4 Fourth Avenue
    Newport West
    Kingston 13
  30. Stony Hill HEART Academy
    Stony Hill P.O.
    Kingston 9
  31. The Face Place
    3 Carvalho Drive
    Kingston 10