The UCJ establishes equivalence and facilitates recognition of local and foreign qualifications. Equivalency seeks to determine whether local and foreign qualifications are comparable in standard to locally accredited programmes while Recognition seeks to determine whether qualifications obtained overseas, or online from foreign institutions, are comparable to locally accredited programmes.

Qualifications are assessed by the UCJ at the request of individuals, educational institutions and employers. The UCJ also assesses qualifications for the CARICOM Skills Certificate.

How to apply for Academic Credential Assessment:

To apply for assessment of academic credentials, you may download the procedures and application form below:


Assessment for CARICOM Skills Certificate

The CARICOM Free Movement of Skilled Persons Act identifies the UCJ as one of the organisations to carry out assessments in respect of a recognised skill qualification.

Specifically, the UCJ carries out assessment of qualification gained from local and overseas institutions with the exception of the University of the West Indies, University of Technology, Jamaica, Northern Caribbean University, The Mico University College, University of Guyana, and the University of Suriname.

Please visit the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s website for further information.

Distance/Online programmes

Overseas institutions that are delivering online programmes (100 per cent online) are required to have the programme assessed by the UCJ against local standards for recognition in Jamaica.

The processing of applications for recognition of qualifications obtained via distance learning/online is being done on a case by case basis, where the programme has not been granted recognition status in Jamaica.

To learn more about the Recognition of Transnational Qualifications, you may download the Guidelines for Recognition of Transnational Education Qualifications Dec. 2015.