Accredited Programmes

The University Council of Jamaica maintains a list of recognised (accredited) higher education programmes. The UCJ accredits degree and specialised programmes by establishing standards and applying criteria for the accreditation of tertiary educational programmes and courses of study; assisting registered institutions in the improvement of their educational programmes; and encouraging and facilitating programmes related to national needs.

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UCJ-Approved Degrees

The University Council of Jamaica Act, 1987 gives authority to the Council to confer degrees on those who have pursued courses approved by the Council at associated institutions.

The UCJ-Approved degrees are conferred on graduates of approved programmes offered by institutions that do not have degree granting authority. The UCJ currently reserves this provision for government institutions only.

A UCJ-Approved degree has the same status of recognition and acceptance as an accredited programme.

** Please note that accreditation is a voluntary activity.

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Accredited Programmes generated are as at July 2017