As the National External Quality Assurance Agency, The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) is committed to facilitating the conformance to high levels of quality in tertiary education. In so doing, the UCJ will:

a) provide customers/stakeholders with quality services which meet their requirements and are fit for purpose;
b) conform to Government of Jamaica statutory requirements;
c) operate according to ISO 9001 and INQAAHE GGP principles;
d) enhance the skills of management and staff through performance management processes;
e) actively pursue on-going training and development in order to prepare staff to perform efficiently and effectively;
f) promote the culture of continual improvement guided by the philosophy of doing things “right the first time;” and,
g) ensure that the consistent implementation of its quality management system is supported by internal auditing, management review, as well as corrective and preventive action.

The members of the Council, the executive team, staff, peer reviewers and members of advisory and technical committees are responsible for quality performance and delivery to customers/stakeholders, through the maintenance and development of high standards.