Dr Carolyn HayleProf Brendan BainMrs Althea HeronDr Lowell DilworthMrs Barbara CadoganMr Philmore McCarthyDr Cecil CornwallMrs Yvonne ClarkeMr Garth AndersonMs Leonie CampbellMr. Stephen EdwardsProfessor Stephen Vasciannie, CDDr Lincoln P. EdwardsDr Suzette HaughtonMrs Hyacinth KnightMr Carl LawrenceProf Archibald McDonaldMr Yaneke WatsonRev Dr Maitland EvansDr Karl Whyte

Members of the Council are drawn from the public and private sectors, professional bodies and societies and academic institutions in accordance with the University Council of Jamaica Act, 1987.

The Council is currently led by Dr Carolyn Hayle, Chairperson and Prof Brendan Bain, Vice-Chairman.

The Council comprises five committees namely: Finance, Human Resources and Administration, Internal Audit, Governance and the Accreditation, Curriculum and Development (AC&D) Committee.

The AC&D Committee reviews accreditation and registration reports and makes recommendations to the full Council on the programmes to be accredited or institutions to be registered. The AC&D Committee also oversees the development of policies and procedures as they relate to Programme Readiness Assessment, Accreditation, Recognition and Registration.